Sustainability Policy

Grupo Palmas believes it is possible to produce palm oil and cocoa sustainably, and in doing so, respect the Amazon, reduce deforestation and poverty in Peru’s rainforest. The company commits to responsible production of palm oil and cocoa that is deforestation free, protects High Conservation Value (HCV) areas, High Carbon Stock (HCS) forests, and areas classified as peat or wetlands, and that does not exploit people or communities.


Our Sustainability Policy applies to all of our operations and business divisions, subsidiaries, refineries, the group´s participation in existing investments, as well as to independent suppliers.

Road Map 2019 - 2023

Every policy requires a transparent implementation process.

  • Progress Report

  • Road Map

Strategic allies

We share values and principles of several global sustainability organizations.

Our Principles

1. No Deforestation and Responsible Plantation Development

2. Use of best practices in agricultural and industrial processes

3. Compliance with applicable laws and regulations

4. No Exploitation and Respect for our Workers’ Rights

5. Inclusion of small producers in the supply chain

6. Respect for communities, dialogue with interest groups and transparency