We are an agroindustrial company, committed with a sustainable production of palm oil and cocoa

We are leaders in the sustainable cultivation and production of palm oil and cocoa. We own two operations, located in the provinces of Tocache (San Martín) and Yurimaguas (Loreto), and one project in Pucallpa. Our operations are vertically integrated from the field to the industry, and we transform raw materials in value-added and high quality products.

0 years of experience in the sector

We generate more than 0 jobs

0 ha of palm and 0 ha of cocoa

We have an extraction capacity of 0 TPH

Over 0 million soles in sales

0st Peruvian company with a Sustainability Policy in the industry

Our Operations

Grupos Palmas owns the agricultural companies Palmas del Espino S.A., Palmas del Shanusi S.A., and Palmas del Oriente S.A., as well as the industrial companies Industrias del Espino S.A. and Industrias del Shanusi S.A. Moreover, it maintains two offices in Lima and one project in Pucallpa.

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Our Values


We operate responsibly, working towards the achievement of a long-term vision that contributes to the development of our region and the country.


We constantly strive to achieve our goals, overcoming obstacles and undertaking new challenges.


We are known for applying high quality standards to our processes and to the products we offer to our customers.


We work in a transparent and respectful way towards our employees, the environment, and the community in general.

Integrated production

We integrate the entire value chain, from the field to the industry. Our products are oriented towards the consumer goods, food and biodiesel industry. We guarantee quality and efficiency in all stages of the production process.


Research and development laboratories

Mill and extraction

Distribution and logistics

ISO 9001

Palmas del Espino S.A.
Industrias del Espino S.A.


Industrias del Espino S.A.

Socios Emprendedores ABE

Industrias del Espino S.A.